Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art

Berlin is a true street art walhalla for aficionados like myself. While I was wandering around the city, especially in the East, I felt like I was back home in East London. Here’s a small collection of the fantastic street art I photographed during my stay in Berlin.

Victor Ash

The cosmonaut you see in the feature image at the top of this post is made by Danish artist Victor Ash. It was the first ever work I had seen by him, but this work has become an iconic piece in the Berlin streets. Ash’s Cosmonaut was created in 2007 and is supposed to be the largest stencil drawing in the world.
Location: Mariannenstrasse


This Belgian artist is one of my favourite street artists and whenever I discover a work by him abroad I get geekishly excited. ROA’s works are typically large-scale black and white drawings of (dead) animals. Besides ROA’s mural on the left you can also see work by One truth, 1Up and Berlinkidz on this wall.
Location: Oranienstrasse/Skalitzer Strasse

ROA street art Berlin

Dscreet & Stik

I became almost frantic when I spotted this shop, not because of what they were selling, but for the art around the shop window. I’m a huge fan of the artist Stik who manages to convey meaning and emotions in his  – at first glance – basic stick figures. You can find his works all over the world, but he’s based in East London. I was surprised to see the works of another East London street artist in Berlin, i.e. the signature owls by Dscreet. It turned out that a group of London-based artists had come to Berlin and even stayed in the same hotel as me a few months prior to my visit! Underneath the shop window you see work by Endless.
Location: Falckensteinstrasse 46

Stik and Dscreet street art Berlin

Raw Gelände

Every inch of the walls of this huge former industrial site is filled with paint and covered in extraordinary graffiti and street art. Here I found more works by Dscreet, but also by other London-based artists such as Jimmy C, Christiaan Nagel and Zabou. I was especially impressed with the giant tucan created from local trash and found materials by Portugese artist Bordalo II.
Location: Revalerstrasse 99 (the majority of photos in the collage are taken there, but not all)

Os Gêmeos

Finding this huge mural by legendary Brazilian combo consisting of identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo felt almost like finding a dodo. I’ve barely come across their work ‘in the wild’ and am mostly familiar with their curious yellow figures from pictures in books or websites.
Location: Schlesisches Tor/Oppelner Strasse

Osgemeos street art Berlin

Alice Pasquini

Alice is one of the most respected stencil artists around and I was very excited to see such a large mural by her. I read that it took her seven days of non-stop painting to create these six portraits of women dressed in hats and sunglasses.
Location: Warschauerstrasse opposite of Oberbaum Brücke (tip: walk on the left on Warschauerstrasse and walk in the direction of Warschauerstrasse station. You will spot the mural on the corner of the street)

Alice Pasquini streeet art Berlin


Located right next to the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke you find this rather disconcerting mural called Pink Man by Italian artist Blu. This giant figure is actually made up from dozens of naked human bodies, who cling on the giant figure while you can see the despair and fear on their faces.
Location: Oberbaumstrasse/Falckensteinstrasse

Blu street art Berlin

Intimes Kino

Finally a collage of photos I took outside of the cinema Initimes Kino. I was pointed in this direction by German London-based artist Mr Fahrenheit whom I interviewed before on my Dutch Girl in London website. (You can read the interview here.) As you can see there’s a multitude of artists here and it’s impossible for me to find out who all the artists are. In the bottom photo on the left are a couple of works by Fahrenheit and also Chinagirl Tile. On the bottom photo on the right you see a big piece by Mr Farhenheit painted on the shutter of Ponyclub Berlin.
Locations: Intimes Kino: Boxhagener Strasse 107, Ponyclub Berlin: Kopernikusstrasse 13

Intimes Kino Mr Fahrenheit street art Berlin

If you’re interested in street art and graffiti and visiting East Berlin, you will have to head over to Eastside Gallery: the world’s largest outdoor art gallery. What makes it even more special is that the works are painted on a large remainder of the Berlin Wall. I didn’t include this space in this article because, in all honesty, I wasn’t too impressed with the works as they were all new and seemed to be commissioned. Nonetheless, it’s a historic sight and I urge you to see it for yourself. Perhaps I’m being just too picky! For more information on the Eastside Gallery, Raw Gelände and East Berlin, I’d like to refer you to my post From the Berlin Wall to Hedonistic Nightlife: Tips for East Berlin.

Viel spass!

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