Furniture Shopping While You Eat: EethuisTwintig in Tilburg

Furniture Shopping While You Eat: EethuisTwintig in Tilburg

Gentrification is the ultimate catchword of our current day and age. In recent years I’ve seen undesired areas in cities such as London and Amsterdam turn into fashionable destinations, but the same has happened in my old hometown of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. On my recent trip back home a dear friend took me out for lunch at EethuisTwintig in the Piushaven area, previously just an old harbour at the edge of the city, but now has been revamped in a buzzing new city quarter filled with trendy bars, restaurants and shops. It’s also the stage for cultural events, both on and along the water.

From industrial to cultural

eethuistwintig // Done That Been ThereTrying to find a lunch spot at the Piushaven is not an easy task nowadays as there are just too many options! Unlike the days when I went to uni in Tilburg. Back in those days the city was mostly known as a former industrial town and thriving student city, and while the pub grub tasted just fine back then, I wouldn’t care much for such a meal again. Like myself, Tilburg has aged gracefully and become more sophisticated indeed. Besides the first official Rock Academy, it also houses a prestigious theatre & musical school, prominent pop venue (013) and is host to the annual world-famous music festival Roadburn. With the opening of new wine bars, pubs and restaurants at the Piushaven, you’re spoilt for choice and you can now choose anything from Spanish tapas at Doncurado to sushi at Shinzo and grilled meats and seafood at HeAVENS Kitchen. Almost all restaurants and bars have additional outdoor seating right next to the water, which makes it an even more desirable hotspot on sunny days.

Food & furniture at EethuisTwintig

My friend and I ended up at EethuisTwintig, a so-called ‘lifestyle’ restaurant which is located in the former Falcon factory where they used to make rain attire. EethuisTwintig is one of the stunning newcomers on the Piushaven and shares the old factory space with several other businesses including chocolatier Huize Geers and the excellent bakery Bikken & Bakken. EethuisTwintig cleverly shares more than just a building with their baking neighbours: the Bikken & Bakken sourdough bread and nutbread also appear on the EethuisTwintig food menu. The restaurant not only offers a glimpse in their own kitchen, but you can also see the bakers next door creating their delights through the glass screen that divides the two businesses.

While you treat your taste buds on the mouthwatering platter of mezze or nutbread with hummus and goat’s cheese, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful interior. It doesn’t take long to realise that EethuisTwintig is more than a restaurant, it’s also an interior design shop where everything from the tables to lights are for sale. So don’t look too surprised if you see a price tag on your seat!

eethuistwintig // Done That Been There

EethuisTwintig is open on Tuesday – Sunday from noon.
Adress: Piushaven 20 b, 5017 AN Tilburg
Phone: +31 (0)13-5914906

eethuistwintig // Done That Been There

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