Málaga Street Art Project: MAUS

Málaga Street Art Project: MAUS

From 2013 Málaga has been offering its walls to street artists from all over the world for its prestigious art project MAUS, short for Málaga Arte Urbano Soho. Before my visit to the city in 2015, I hadn’t done any prior research on the Málaga street art scene as I frankly didn’t expect there to be one. So, you can imagine my big surprise to find the abundance of jaw-dropping street art, not only as part of MAUS, but far more art that wasn’t commissioned.

Street Art Superstars

MAUS successfully managed to get the crème de la crème of the world street art scene to their city. I couldn’t believe it when I found the larger than life murals by street art superstars such as ROA, DALeast, Faith47, D*Face and Shepard Fairey in such a quiet and rather small city. In the feature image at the top of this post you see an amazing mural by one of my favourite artists, DALeast. And because I love his work so much, here’s another photo of that mural from a slightly different angle.

DALeast – Alameda Principal 25

Malaga street art: DALeast

Faith47 – Alameda Principal 47

Not far from DALeast’s stunning mural of a murder of crows, Faith47 painted this enormous piece. I adore everything this amazing artist from South Africa creates and I wish I could see more of her epic work in real life rather than in her Instagram feed.Malaga street art: Faith47

ROA – Calle Casas de Campos

Speaking of epic larger than life murals, what about this jaw-dropping piece by Belgian street artist ROA?!?
Malaga street art: ROA

D*Face & Shepard Fairey – Calle Comandante Benítez 14

These two street art super weights appear side by side at the edge of the city centre, a pretty impressive sight!
Malaga street art: D*Face / Shepard Fairey

Andi Rivas – Parking Calle Alemania

I wonder what the nuns in the photo made of this colourful piece.
Malaga street art: Andi Rivas

Pejac – Calle Tomás Heredia 1

Malaga street art: Pejac

MAUS: Muros Libres

MAUS also offers so-called ‘free walls’ up to artists. Here’s a selection of those works.

For more information on the project, artists and an up-to-date map of all the works, please refer to the MAUS website.

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