New York Captured

New York Captured

New York, the city that was once founded as a Dutch trading colony, and now several hundreds of years later, has grown into one of the world’s leading cities for fashion, art and finance. It was the first American city I ever visited and it was rather disorienting to find my way across streets filled with skyscrapers. It was a city I knew so well from film and TV, which made it surreal to be there in real life. On my first trip I visited all the important tourist attractions, but was more relaxed on my second trip and took pleasure from photographing charming front doors. Here’s a selection of my New York photo album from 2014 (looking at the date it is about time for me to go back again!), including some sights that might not be there anymore unfortunately.

Public artworks

Here on the left you see an enormous sculpture by KAWS right next to the High Line, a long public garden that follows the abandoned railtracks that runs over the old Meatpacking district. This photo was taken a few minutes before I spotted TV chef Anthony Bourdain and his filmcrew across the road!
On the right-hand photo I’m photographing a mural by one of my favourite street artists, ROA, in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York).

Rainbow City: New York playground

Random New York Snaps

Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park

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