Furniture Shopping While You Eat: EethuisTwintig in Tilburg

Gentrification is the ultimate catchword of our current day and age. In recent years I’ve seen undesired areas in cities such as London and Amsterdam turn into fashionable destinations, but the same has happened in my old hometown of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. On my recent trip back home a dear friend took me out for lunch at EethuisTwintig in the Piushaven area, previously just an old harbour at the edge of the city, but now has been revamped in a buzzing new city quarter filled with trendy bars,......

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Venice on Film
Italy, Photography |
March 13, 2017

Venice on Film

Venice, this glamorous and highly photogenic Italian city is most famous for its winding canals that form the throbbing heart of the city, extravagant millionaire yachts

Seville Foodie Tour: Tapas Y Mas
Eat, Spain |
March 07, 2017

Seville Foodie Tour: Tapas Y Mas

Ask me for my favourite place in the world and I’d respond ‘Seville’ without any hesitations! Seville is the city of flamenco, great hospitality and grand architecture – a legacy...

The Multicultural Past of Córdoba
History, Spain |
February 27, 2017

The Multicultural Past of Córdoba

Córdoba, the former capital of Andalusia in the south of Spain and home to a variety of people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. It’s hard to imagine that this...



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