Venice on Film

Venice on Film

Venice, this glamorous and highly photogenic Italian city is most famous for its winding canals that form the throbbing heart of the city, extravagant millionaire yachts that look rather out of place in this picturesque city, George Clooney’s wedding, and of course the San Marco Basilica. It’s also a great city to have a wander and completely lose your sense of direction (which isn’t difficult for me anyway). Don’t mistake small alley streets for dead ends, you’ll be surprised to find a big square or main street when you turn the corner! This blog post is a mini photo report of our stay in Venice in July 2016.

The sound of gunshots in the middle of the night

Before I’ll leave to look at the photos in peace, let me just share a funny anecdote about our  trip with you. We booked our trip to Venice only two weeks before departure, because we decided to combine it with a work trip to Croatia (which isn’t far from Venice actually). We were therefore not surprised that it was difficult to find accommodation in the centre for a decent price. There were plenty of options outside the city centre, but since we were staying only for a few days, we decided we wanted to be close to the main sights and public transport options (read: water taxis). We found a nice room in a pretty Airbnb just a few minutes away from San Marco square, not particularly our favourite place in the city by the way as it was just way too crowded.

Since we were taking a train very early on Sunday morning, we went to bed early that Saturday night and were fast asleep when we were woken up quite brutally by the sound of gunshots just before midnight. Just the day before there had been a military coup in Turkey so my first thought in my sleepy state was that the noisy event was somehow connected to this. After my heart stopped pounding like crazy again, we dared to move and hubby had a look out the window. In the windows of the surrounding buildings, he spotted the reflection of fireworks. So Venice wasn’t under fire by military forces after all, the city was actually celebrating something. Since we were very sleepy still and thought it would finish soon, we remained in bed. However, after 20 minutes the fireworks were still going! We tried to look up information online and discovered this particular night marked the Redentore (Redemption), one of the biggest events in Venice that takes place every third Saturday of July. The festival dates back to 1576 (it marked the end of the plague that had killed 50,000 people) and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Unfortunately we missed it completely and were lying in bed only a few metres away from this spectacular event…

Top right: inside Palazzo Grassi // Bottom left: Giardini Della Biennale

Murano Island, famous for its glassblowing

Extraordinary architecture

No doubt you’ll pay the glorious San Marco basilica a visit during your Venice trip, but when it comes to extraordinary architecture, the spiral staircase of Scala Contarini del Bovolo deserves a special mention. It might be a bit tricky to find (it took us an hour!), but it’s definitely worth the struggle: it’s through a very inconspicuous alley just off Calle Locande near Campo Manin.

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